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About Us

SLO Compassionate Care’s primary goal is to bring the highest quality medicine available to the members of its collective. We are able to do this through our direct relationship with the growers and vendors that contribute to our collective. We strive to keep our patients informed with the most up to date information regarding their health and wellness. With these intentions we are positive our collective can meet our members’ medicinal marijuana needs. We encourage you to sign up with SLO Compassionate Care to see for yourself our highest-level professionalism and compassion.

Our Products

  • Flower

    SLO Compassionate Care is extremely proud to work with only the finest growers, and offer them a fair price for their contribution to our collective. Even our most affordable flower is grown with the upmost care and intention that it will be used as medicine.

  • Salve

    For our patients looking for a topical SLO Compassionate Care offers CannaBliss salve. In our experience this salve is a fantastic analgesic for those looking for relief from a topical. The high quality essential oils also have a great calming effect.

  • Canna Capsules

    Golden Ratio Canna Capsules are effective medicine for patients that are looking for relief, but don’t want to inhale any smoke or vapor. We offer 25 and 50 milligram options of THC, CBD, and half THC half CBD capsules. The capsules are made from lab tested CO2 extracted material and put into a solution with organic coconut oil. Try Golden Ratio Canna Capsules to address a multitude of symptoms i.e. (pain, spasticity, anxiety, etc.)

  • Concentrate

    SLO Compassionate Care is fortunate to carry only the highest quality concentrates for patients looking for a concentrated medicine. Our CO2 extracted oil is lab tested and an extremely pure and effective analgesic.

Collective Agreement

Enjoy the benefits of being a member of SLO Compassionate Care’s collective by signing our collective agreement today. You will be required to provide and valid and current Dr.’s recommendation, A valid CA id and or passport, and a permanent residence. Our staff will verify your recommendation upon sighing up and you can enjoy all the benefits of being a member of SLO County’s premier collective.

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