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About Us

SLO Compassionates Care’s primary goal is to bring the highest quality medicine available to the members of its collective. We are able to do this through our direct relationship with the growers and vendors that contribute to our collective. We strive to keep our patients informed with the most up to date information regarding their health and wellness. With these intentions we are positive our collective can meet our members’ medicinal marijuana needs. We encourage you to sign up with SLO Compassionate Care to see for yourself our highest-level professionalism and compassion.

More Information

SLO Compassionate Care is committed to staying informed with all cutting edge research being conducted in the medical marijuana field. We also encourage our patients to spend time on our information page learning about the benefits of medical marijuana and the correct medicine to address their needs. We understand each individual patient's human endocannabinoid system is completely unique, so great consideration should be taken when selecting the patients’ medicine. The links and the charts available on this page are a fantastic resource, but we encourage our patients to do their own research as well before making important decisions regarding their own health and wellness.

Understanding Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Uses

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